“Wings of Fascination” is a charity foundation of the Fassin Family.
This philanthropy supports small scale projects which often have a big influence on  the living circumstances of people.
The main focus of our support is on projects that benefits the future of children,
100% of the revenues will flow into the supported projects. All work is on a voluntary basis If other foundations are supported,
one of the criteria is that this organization is Anbi certified and that > 95% of the revenues will go directly to the projects.

Sources of revenues of this foundation are the following: 
  1. Personal donations
  2. Donations through Royal Fassin BV, a candy family business since 1910 (*)
  3. Donations from others
  4. donations e.g. through organizing activities
(*) supported projects through Royal Fassin BV  (,,,

The word “philanthropy” springs from what the Greeks called “fil-anthra-pi” which means “the love of fellowman”.
That is the origin of the word “philanthropy”, and this is also the basis of this foundation, to create a better future for fellowman especially children.
In 2012 a website will be created with more information and links to supported and realized projects.

Thank you for your support,

Doesjka and Thomas Fassin